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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dundee International Book Prize 2011 shortlist announced

The shortlist for The Dundee International Book Prize 2011 has been announced:

* As it Was in the Beginning by Rachel Newsome (London)
* 14 Variations from White by Emma Hooper (Bath)
* Sympathy for the Doc by Simon Ashe-Browne (Dublin)
* No Place to Fall by Alissa Jones Nelson (Dundee)
* The Broken Glass Collector by Elizabeth Switaj (Belfast)
* Pixelated by Lane Palmer (London)
* Touching Cloth by Adrian Wiszniewski (Lochwinnoch)
* Granmere's Piano by Jay Weber (Arlington, USA)
* The Scared Combe by Thomas Maloney (Henley-on-Themes)
* The Flax Flower by Amanda MacLean (London)

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